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5th And 8th Class Exams Are Abolish To Reduce Dropout Ratio

Punjab Examination Commission was conducting 5th and 8th class exams from Punjab since 2005. The primary purpose was to conduct board exam to test the capability of the students at basic level. Where it has some advantages, it also has some disadvantages too. Almost every parent want that their kid should perform well in the board exams because they considered that these exams are fair and this is the best way to test the ability of a kid. Students, on the other hand take them as an extra burden on them because they have to prepare for school exams, academies exams as well as for the board exams. Furthermore, they consider it as a stressful work to them because this is the first board exams for them. Asides this, there are also some parents, who don’t focus on fifth and eighth class exams and consider them as a time waste for their students. They skip 5th and 8th class exams and let their children prepare for the 9th class exams which is the most important exam for a student’s career.

5th And 8th Class Exams Are Abolish To Reduce Dropout Ratio

Punjab Government New Educational Policies

With the change of government in Punjab, the policies including educational policies have also changed by the government. The new government is going to introduce digital books for primary class and going to launch Mobile Phone application for students. The New Deal 2018-2023 has launched by the government in order to reduce the dropout ratio. According to a survey, mostly parents don’t let their children continue their education when they failed in PEC Result 2019 5th, 8th Class board exams. Asides this, people consider 8th class is enough for their child, which is totally a wrong concept and it is need to abolish this belief from their minds.

Digital Education in Punjab

Under new educational policy, teachers and headmasters will be given special training to provide best education in Pakistan. Furthermore, teachers will be encouraged through annual appraisals. All schools are advised to provide education in Urdu while the English will only be taught as a subject. According to this, the afternoon classes will be started in government schools. It will help students to learn basic education effectively and efficiently. They will be free from the extra burden which was in the shape of board exams. The new e-learning system will be introduce for the students through which students will be able to get education through Mobile phone applications which is a good step for students.

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